Brewing your business ideas

It All starts with Your ideA

. . . AND A DRINK!

PINTS N’ PITCHES is a global movement that cultivates an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset. We are intentional about sharing potential business ideas. As entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs, we believe in leveraging our collective intelligence and creativity to evaluate the possibilities of transforming ideas into successful services, products, or projects.

Local communities meet on a regular basis to present and share innovative and business ideas.

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Brewing Your business ideas

The brewing process helps you clarify your business idea and evaluate its potential for success early on. The PINTS N’ PITCHES method and community helps you along the way from a rough crazy idea to a successful business proposal!

Being INtentional

PINTS N’ PITCHES creates an intentional place to meet, discuss, and share innovative and business ideas. We are committed to empower each other to transform ideas into successful products, services, or projects.

Early Feedback

The advantage of our method is that it gives you early and rapid feedback regarding your business ideas. It saves you a lot of time, preventing you from heading in wrong directions. The help from the PINTS N’ PITCHES community allows you to refine your business ideas.

Encouraging Innovation & entrepreneurship

Our aim is to create a casual and safe space that allows all types of ideas to be presented. We also value efficiency so that, as an entrepreneur, you can rapidly get feedback on your business ideas.

Our Story


It all started with an idea. And a drink. During a pub night in Vancouver, a group of friends decided to be more intentional about sharing business and innovative ideas with each other and their communities. 

They acknowledged that spreading great ideas was important. But there was also a need to build on these ideas, transforming them into services, products, or projects. They also knew that early feedback was crucial for innovators and entrepreneurs, helping them to quickly evaluate and refine their ideas, as well as empowering them to avoid potential setbacks and pitfalls. It was time to give some legs to all these ideas.

PINTS N’ PITCHES was born that night, as a platform to bridge these missing links. It provides a safe space to pitch ideas and get feedback prior to jumping into things heads first. A place to help entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs share, articulate, and clarify their business ideas.

A series of events was set up in Vancouver. Entrepreneurs and innovators from other cities quickly got interested. PINTS N’ PITCHES grew. And it keeps growing. You too can be part of this story, bringing it to your local community. Join us for a drink. Apply for a license. See where it might lead you.


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